3D Repo


One of the EngD students in our group has a very interesting project related to networked graphics: 3D Repo. 3D Repo is an online repository for storing, retrieving and versioning large 3D models. Although its not for real-time scene edits (at the moment), it is very suitable for storing world models for collaborative virtual environments, or for content production for a large scene. Its still in its early stages, but Jozef has had a lot of interest and new features are coming. Plus it will be open source.

FPS Players

Has the record for number of players in a first-person game been broken? The team behind Just Cause 2 Multiplayer an unofficial mod of Just Cause 2 have been beta testing their server. It recently peaked at 1300 players online. Just Cause 2 is in a more open world than many FPSs, but the numbers of players supported are very impressive, even if chaos ensued (see the article!). These numbers have only been achieved on single servers for simple simulations before, or in simulations such as Donnybrook Quake. Perhaps a game company will now try to find a game that 1000 people can play together that is a little more structured!

GDC 2012

Another slew of networking papers from this year's GDC, see GDC Vault. The first of these is particularly interesting: a study of the networking required for the Gears of Wars 3 launch:

this is a good presentation on some of the recent HTML5 tools that are enabling some interesting research and development:

and some of the others that I noticed:





Internet Visualisations


A couple of Internet infographics have been sent my way. They are good material for introductory talks for the area!

World of Warcraft Servers

A little late in passing this on, but a curious piece of trivia: Blizzard were auctioning off the server blades for older realms in World of Warcraft. Hot Hardware has a good article about one of the server blades. Its intriguing to learn the specification of the server that ran a whole realm in the game (its not clear how many blades were needed to run a realm or if its just one blade per realm, the article is vague on this):


  • Hewlett-Packard p-Class server blade
  • 6GB ram
  • 64GB SCSI RAID controller
  • Unknown disk space (drives were removed)