It is difficult to acknowledge everyone who contributed in some way to the production of a book. A list of colleagues who helped in some small way, by teaching us something or having interesting discussions would run to several pages. We can identify a few individual who gave generously of their time to help us with the book, either identifying important areas to look at, helping us with material or reviewing. They include Ian Shaw, Olivier Carrere, Richard Parr, Paul Ross, Alex Veal, Andreas Schultz, Stephen Ellis, Rebecca Garnet, Jon Crowcroft, David Roberts, Tim Rance, Ian Yarwood-Lovett and Kevin Jenkins.

Even if they weren’t aware of the development of this book, we would like to acknowledge some collaborators as they had considerable influence on our thinking about networking or graphics: Emmanuel Frécon, Olov Stahl, Chris Greenhalgh, Mel Slater, Don Brutzman, Tristan Henderson, Brian Levine,
Mário Gomes, Joâo Pereira, Christophe Diot and Tom Rodden. Anthony would also like to acknowledge the whole team he worked with at Electronic Arts in 2006-2007 who made him feel very welcome and gave him an excellent introduction to current generation console development. A large part of the impetus to write this book came from that experience and hearing about colleagues’ experiences on other games projects. He would also like to acknowledge various students he has worked with who have implemented various research ideas. These include: Will Steptoe, Bingshu Zu, Cameron Angus and Roula Abou-Haidar.

We would like to acknowledge the editorial and production team at Morgan Kaufman who saw this book through its development. In particular Paul Gottehrer, Gregory Chalson and Heather Scherer.

Finally we both would like to acknowledge our families who had to live with drafts and proofs appearing in evenings and occasionally on vacations. Thank you for being patient.