Code & Pseudo-Code

We’ve used a mixture of real code snippets in various languages and pseudo-code. We apologize in advance to those readers who are familiar with only one or two languages and wanted a text that was targeted at their particular skill set, but one of the points of our book is that networking and graphics systems have been built for almost all software and hardware platforms. In the text, code snippets are formatted as separate paragraphs asĀ 

int send(int sockfd, const void *msg, int len, int flags);
int sendto(int sockfd, const void *msg, int len, unsigned int flags,
const struct sockaddr *to, socklen_t tolen);

When we are referring to a specific function or variable from a code snippet in in the text, we’ll use the same Calibri font as so: send. If we are referring to a general concept, or once it’s obvious, we will use the normal font. Longer listings are numbered so that they can be cross-referenced from other pages of the book.