Code for Chapter 8

This the first version (01) of the code for Chapter 8. The code uses RakNet. To compile it, you will need RakNet 3.72; the code is known not to work with beta versions of RakNet 4.0 (i.e. the current version at the time of writing). We will update the code when 4.0 is released.

RakNet is cross platform, though our example is demonstrated in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The authors have used RakNet on a variety of platforms (Linux, iPhone, …) so the example should be highly portable.

To set up the compilation, the BoidReplicas and RakNet distribution should unzipped in to one directory:

  • BoidReplicas
  • RakNet

You will need to compile RakNet. Open RakNet_VS2005.sln, and build the target LibStatic . You can then open the solution in BoidsReplicas, and build one of two projects, one with GLUT enabled, one not.