Link Drop

Some recent links and blog posts that will be of interest to networking engineers in games & VR:

  • Please stop writing new serialization protocols – XDR exists and if you can use it, you should
  • LawBreakers Dev Diary #7 | Netcode & Replication – this short videos has some nice visualisations of client-side prediction contrasting with server-side prediction. It leaves many issues hanging (such as how to re-synchronise) and the visualised disrepancies look small, but it gives a good idea about what the fundamental problem is. I will use this in future lectures.
  • Learning Go? A simple test server that supports ~9000 clients over UDP wirepair/basicudp.go
  • A reminder to follow the articles of Gaffer on Games. We recently took another look at his work for an upcoming networked physics experiment. He posts a lot of interesting links, and is writing a series of articles on networking on games that may turn into a book.