Important Corrections

p9, pa2, “caller to sender” should be “caller to receiver”.
p14, pa2, “between services” should be “between servers”
p26, The caption for Figure 1.15 is wrong as the image was changed at
the last minute. This isn’t from E1M7. It should just read “An image
from the original Quake game).
p48, Equation 2.2, lin 2. The sum on the right should be over “other (elementof) Neighbors(boid)”.
p55, pa2, “so each of the clients” should be “so one of the clients”.
p73, pa2, “at each layer transformed” should be “at each layer the data is transformed.
p75, pa2, some of the text refers to a different frame than the one highlighted in Figure 3.3. It should be “Frame 3530 had 651 bytes on the wire”. Then this corresponds to “609 bytes of application sent data”.
p117, pa3, “” should be “”.
p210, pa6, “Table 6.1” should be “Table 6.2”.
p268, pa2, “going to move”, should be “going to be able to move”.
p272, pa2, “DIVE” should be “DIV”.
p291, pa2, “external” should be “external inputs”.
p329, pa3, “50ms or lower” should be “50ms or higher”.
p369, Figure 11.12 has some boxes incorrectly labelled. The top right box should say “Move P0 to P1”. The second box on the right is correct. The third box on the right should say “Fail Move P2 to Q1”.
p403, reference to 13.2.2 should say 13.3.2.
p470, figure 13.7. Three ellipses at the top of the figure should be GatewayA, PhysicsA and GameplayA.