Unimportant Corrections

p4, pa1, “software interact” should be “software interacts”.
p7, “focussing on” strike “focussing”.
p7, “first-class” should be “first class of”.
p10, pa3, strike “there is connection”.
p12, pa2 “increasing” should be “increasingly”.
p13, pa1 “opennessed” should be “openness”
p23, reference to (Figure 1.12) could be much earlier in this section.
p28, pa3, “users looking” should be “user looking”.
p30, pa1, “in some worlds” better as “in some systems”.
p37, pa1, “see one’s one” should be “see one’s own”.
p37, pa1, “in the avatar represents” should be “is the avatar that represents”.
p48, pa3, “programming language” should be “programming languages”.
p52, pa2, “to NVE” should be “to an NVE”.
p54, pa4, “standalone” should be “standalone code”.
p60, pa2, “The creation and initialization Java code for” should be “The Java code for creation and initialization of”.
p63, pa6, “Normally with” strike “Normally”.
p71, pa1, “how Internet” should be “how the Internet”.
p75, “3.404564” should be “3.404264”.
p76, pa5, “syntax protocols” should be “syntax of the protocols”.
p76, pa5, Note tha the binary protocol is discussed in Chapter 13.
p79, pa1, “BZFlag Games” should be “BZFlag game”
p81, pa2, “no-one” shouldn’t have a hyphen.
p82, pa5, in the code the lines starting “The telnet program …”, and “We then type”, shouldn’t be in the system font.
p107, pa1 “30×6” should be written with a times symbol, not an x.
p107, pa2, “repeated any” should be “repeated in any”.
p142, pa6, “transition” should be “transition line”.
p187, pa4, “peer” should be “process”.
p188, pa3, “action system” should just be “system”.
p189, pa5, “nominate” should be “nominated”.
p191, pa3, “monster” should be plural.
p197, pa5, “sockdf” should be “sockfd”.
p218, pa3, “and be”, should be “and can be”.
p219, pa2, “those industries” should be “that industry”.
p224, pa2, “TX3D”, should be “X3D”.
p225, pa3, “certain time”, should be “specified time”.
p233, pa3, “limiting the”, should be “limiting of the”.
p243, pa1, “should exactly”, strike “exactly”.
p266, pa2, strike “or more”.
p271, pa1, the references to OpenSG and Schaeffer, should just in the list in the previous sentence.
p272, pa1, question mark at the end.
p289, pa2, “. Or” should be “. Alternatively,”.
p301, pa1, “model-based” strike “-based”.
p304, pa2, “architecture” should be plural.
p305, pa2, “object’s” should just be “object”.
p325, pa4, “If sender”, should be “If the sender”. Also in this sentence “and, and” should just be “and”.
p326, pa4, “in not unusual” should be “is not unusual”.
p326, pa4, “simulations latencies” should be “simulation latencies”.
p328, pa1, “randolm” should be “random”.
p329, pa1, should be “1.1 seconds”.
p334, pa2, “is has” should be “has”.
p341, pa6, add “respectively” after “NatA and NatB”.
p381, pa2 “to the name” should be “by the name”.
p404, pa1, “second” should be “secondary”.
p412, pa3, should of course say “choose the top eight”.
p428, pa2, “Proxies are used to”, replace “to” by “so”.
p429, pa1, “partitioning” should be plural.
p461, pa4, “backs” should be “hacks”.
p463, pa6, “virtual private network” should be in italics first time.
p466, pa3, “eventually” should be “, eventually, “.
p466, pa5 “is can” should be “can”.
p474, pa2, replace “are sending” with “might be sending”.